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Yves Bastien Adm.A., tax specialist, partner

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René Benoit, CPA auditor, CGA

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Yves Joly, CPA, CA, DESS Fisc., Tax specialist director


  • Tax process evaluation and improvement 
  • Strategies for integrating direct and indirect taxes 
  • Preparation of tax filings 
  • Compliance assurance 
  • Representation in dealing with tax authorities


  • Review how business revenues are passed on to shareholders to minimize the amount of tax paid by shareholders and by the business
  • Discussion of corporate asset protection strategies against possible future legal action
  • Review of financial agreements among shareholders to ensure they reflect the intentions of the shareholders; review of life insurance clauses to reduce estate succession taxes
  • Explanation of the advantages of freezing asset values at current levels to pass on future Increases to the next generation
  • Analysis of the financial implications of freezing share values at current levels so that future Increases in share value can be passed on to the shares of other family members
  • Review of share or asset sales documentation and analysis of the financial implications for the seller and for the buyer


  • Annual review of your personal tax return and investments for the coming year
  • Estimate of your taxes based on next year's expected revenue and adjustments of provisions
  • Discussion with clients their life insurance needs in order to reduce taxes on their final return or as an investment that will Increase the value of their estate
  • Preparation of complex personal tax returns, use of all available deductions and assurance that all required forms are completed correctly
  • Discussion at any time of year of financial changes that affect personal taxes
  • In cases of separation or divorce where specific assets are split, tax consequences are considered for each asset and any associated debt; in addition, business financial statements are analyzed for the appropriate assignment of the assets. Finally, we can prepare each spouse's personal tax return for the first year of separation so that all their financial choices are reflected in their tax returns

Succession planning

  • Review of family assets and debts along with an analysis of financial implications upon death
  • Financial review of the wills of shareholders within the context of any applicable shareholder agreements and explanation of the consequences
  • Review of life insurance policy coverage in order to provide appropriate finances upon death
  • Review and analysis of the financial implications of passing on the family home and shares to the beneficiaries of the estate
  • Recommend how assets should be distributed to the beneficiaries to reduce or postpone future taxes
  • Recommend, if necessary, the estate use the "Pipeline" concept to distribute company shares to maximize the after-tax amount received by beneficiaries
  • Preparation of the tax returns of the estate, testamentary trusts, and estate beneficiaries


  • Ensure that the amount of Canadian tax withheld from Income paid to non-residents is calculated correctly
  • Preparation of the following schedules: NR-6 and NR-4 for various types of income earned in Canada by non-residents. Declaration (Section 216) for various types of Income earned in Canada by non-residents to request a refund when applicable. T-2062 to obtain certificates of discharge for non-residents selling a taxable Canadian asset. Declaration (Section 115) upon disposition of a taxable Canadian asset
  • Establish an appropriate legal structure for a non-resident wishing to invest in Canada